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Bridesmaid Dresses: Shades of Blue

I get a lot of questions about my bridesmaids dresses, so I felt like they deserved a post of their own. All of the dresses are from Show Me Your Mumu. Your one stop shop. They seriously have the best colors and style options for mixing and matching. I chose the colors Dusty Mint, Poolside Chiffon, and Coastal Blue. Before deciding on the colors I ordered 5-6 shades of blue/green/gray swatches off of their website which I highly recommend. The colors look much different in person than they do online.

It's also worth noting that all of the dresses are long AF. They will definitely need to be tailored, so keep that in mind if you are budget conscious. Otherwise the dresses were beautiful and looked amazing on everyone!

If I missed anything or you have any questions feel free to reach out!

See below for the colors and names.

(from left to right)

Poolside Chiffon | Dusty Mint | Coastal Blue


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