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Father's Day Gift Idea: Matching Father + Son Swim Shorts from Duvin

Duvin is a Florida based brand that creates high quality leisurewear with fun, nostalgic designs.

They did a collab with the Miami Dolphins back in December, so I snagged a shirt for JT knowing it would be a one of a kind shirt one day. Now the collab is completely sold out and I wish I would've ordered more for myself!

Anyways, I'm here to share a Father's Day gift idea for all dads with little sons. This matching moment made my whole heart melt.

Shop mens swim shorts + kids to pick your match. The perfect way to elevate their summer wardrobe!

Duvin sent JT some goodies and I squealed when I saw they also sent over some pieces for me too! I'll be sharing those on Instagram soon.

The quality really is top notch. They have adjustable bikini bottoms too which is so great for me right now being pregnant. I'm so excited!!

I love this brand and if you're into retro, beachy brands then I know you'll love Duvin too!

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