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The Big One: Jett's First Birthday Party

Jett is one! I still cant even believe it. This year FLEW by unlike my pregnancy. It makes me so sad that our baby days with him are coming to an end. Even typing that feels like a gut punch. Jett has been the best baby and I am beyond grateful for that. That's not to say it's been the easiest experience for me personally though. I've struggled in many ways, but this isn't about me. Baby wise, Jett has been spot on with almost every little thing I've googled. He's been a great sleeper since birth, minus a 2 week sleep regression around 4 months. That wasn't fun at all, but if thats all we had to deal with I will happily take it. As the baby days are coming to and end and he's becoming more mobile I won't lie and tell you it hasn't been difficult...physically (I have bruises all over my body from him climbing on me) and mentally (getting things done with a mobile baby is very tough), but honestly I do feel like it gets better and better. Watching him learn and grow is so special and I feel so dang lucky that I get to spend my days with him.

Ok so about the party...

Honestly, I don't feel like I documented it as well as I should have, but in my defense it was pouring rain as the party started and the lighting was awful. I was also hosting and if you've hosted an event you know how overwhelming it can be. Here is what I did capture though! I tried to link everything in this post and in my Amazon Storefront. If theres something I missed, just ask! I also included some signs I created in Canva for the party. Feel free to print and use them! I also included his invitation you can use as inspiration or if you want to use it for your little ones party I can input your information! Just let me know :)

As always, thanks for reading and shopping through my affiliate links. Your support means the world to me!

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