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Most Used Baby Items: 0-3 Months

Hands down our favorite and most used item. Jett took his naps in the stroller and it was so easy to sooth him by rocking it. It is incredibly smooth and fits up to 40 pounds in the bottom! Comes with a toddler seat too, so it's nice that it grows with your family and has different attachment options.

Jett was fascinated by the black and white toys.

Crinkly Toys / Baby Paper We would clip them to the mobile with chip clips and loved looking at them and eventually crinkling them.

We were late to the game on this one, we originally had the ingenuity bouncer but the baby Bjorn is so much better in my opinion. Cuter, comfier, and so much easier to travel with since it lays flat.

This was great. We attached it to the Baby Bjorn and also his Love Every arch. You can put it on anything really!

These were just the pacifiers Jett preferred. Thankfully they're cute (for a pacifier lol) and they come in pretty colors.

So clutch for the breastfeeding days, but JT also loved using it to feed Jett bottles. It's also great for tummy time!


We used a lot of muslin swaddles in the very beginning. No issues really, but we did start to learn that the Copper Pearl swaddles were the best because of how stretchy they are and then we moved to the Ollie swaddle when he started to move around more.

Bamboo Onesies + Pajamas

My absolute favorite are The Little Surfer Dude bamboo onesies, but I also love Kyte Baby! They are more expensive, but I am constantly reaching for a soft and stretchy onesie because they're so much easier to put on a wiggly baby!

I was the clueless new mom who only had 8 oz bottles, so I ended up having to buy the mini 4 oz bottles.

Hands Free Breast Pump

So many people told me to get a hands free pump and I ignored them and went with what I thought was the "safe" option, The Spectra. I hated it and stopped using it after a week. I ended up buying these Mom Cozy pumps on Prime Day and honestly, other than them being pretty bulky, I have no complaints! They're much more affordable than the Elvie and Willow which I haven't heard great reviews about...

I wouldn't say this is necessary, but we used this Ingenuity swing often in the first 3 months! Its was just nice to have another place to set him down.

You cannot have enough of these!! Place a few around your house, because I promise you you will always be looking/reaching for one.

Jett is a summer baby, but also runs hot so we used this a lot! Especially when he's in his car seat. It's also rechargeable. This is the third fan we've purchased and it's by far the best portable fan.

This is the changing pad we've been using since birth. I weighs your baby which came in handy during the newborn days and we ended up using the Hatch app to track his diaper changes + feedings.

We have two of these! I keep one at my parents house and one at our house. We used it in our bedroom when Jett was in the bassinet next to the bed then moved it into the nursery! We use it every night.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to overwhelm you. If you ever have any questions I'm always down to chat on Instagram- I love sharing experiences with other new moms!

Thanks for reading!

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