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Future Beach Girl Nursery Inspiration

You guys I am sooo excited to have a baby girls room to decorate!! That's if JT ever moves out of his office lol...which is the plan. We are currently in the process of getting quotes to have an AC unit installed in our garage, so JT can move his office out there. Don't worry I have plans to spruce it up, so hopefully it isn't as depressing as it sounds. We are lucky to have a two car garage so there's plenty of space, just no natural light eeek. Whatever, baby girl deserves her own room and this is my inspiration for it! If you saw my last blog post of Jett's room you'll notice a lot of the same furniture... that's because we're going to be moving most of it over from his room. So, he'll be getting a new big boy room too!

Cant wait to show you guys how it turns out!

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