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Mykonos Travel Guide

Ahhh, I can't believe its all over. I definitely have the post wedding/honeymoon blues. After spending almost 2 years of our lives planning and looking forward to our wedding and honeymoon, it is such a bittersweet feeling that it has come and gone. I'm still working on a blog post all about our wedding, so if you're interested in wedding details stay tuned. It's a long one! This blog post is allll about our 3 days in Mykonos before heading to Santorini for 4 days! I fell in LOVE with this place. The colors, the views, the people, the vibe! Everything about Mykonos. It is sooo my kinda place. We did not use a travel agent or service when planning this trip. We used Google Docs to log our spending and create an itinerary!

How to get there: We booked round trip tickets from Miami to Madrid, they were cheaper and the length of the flight was much more bearable than flying straight into Athens which would have been a 15 hour flight. We arrived in Madrid after a short 7 hour flight. It was supposed to be close to 10 hours but with the winds in our favor we were able to cut off some time. On the way home not so much. From Madrid we took a 3 hour flight to Athens on Iberia Airlines. This meant we did not check our bags because we did not want to risk it by going to baggage claim and then back through security again. So, yes, we only took a carry on + a personal item on this trip and yes, it was a struggle (for me lol). I wouldn't recommend it if you are an over packer like myself. Anyways, we spent the night in Athens and then hopped on a Sea Jet ferry to Mykonos early the next morning. We spent 3 nights in Mykonos, 4 nights in Santorini (more on that later) and 1 night in Madrid before heading home. See below for our exact journey.

Our Journey:

MIAMI > MADRID via American Airlines

MADRID > ATHENS via Iberia Airlines

ATHENS > MYKONOS via Sea Jet Ferries


SANTORINI > ROME > MADRID via Vueling Airlines

MADRID > MIAMI via American Airlines

Where to stay:

We booked all of our hotels through and were so happy with our picks. They were surprisingly affordable too! I will say it's super important to read reviews to be sure you're getting what you think. We stayed at Gorgona Hotel in Mykonos and absolutely loved it! The view was insane from our room. It was the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Where to eat:

Not going to lie JT and I picked most of our restaurants by how comfortable the seats looked lol. Wooden chairs were a no go, unless they had cushions. Most of the restaurants had the same or similar cuisine which we were totally fine with. We consumed mostly tzatziki and gyros, surprising huh?

This was the first spot we found in Mykonos. It was a short walk down from our hotel on the way into Mykonos Town. We went here while we were waiting to check into our hotel. We normally dont stop at the first place we see due to our FOBO (fear of better options, lol) but how could we say no to this restaurant? (see below). It ended up being our favorite place in Mykonos. We went back twice!

I first read about this spot on Pinterest, so we decided to give it a shot. It was AMAZING. We got the tzatziki and pita, the meatballs, and the gyro and split it! We loved everything. If we had more time in Mykonos we probably would have gone back it was that good. They had a great healthy breakfast menu that I was tempted to try, but our hotel offered free breakfast so we didn't end up eating out. As you can see below, the seating was comfortable as well ;)

We ended up here late one night after the sunset, but I wish we would have went earlier because the sunset would have been amazing to see from this restaurant. The food was good, but not the best we had in Mykonos. They served their tzatziki with bread instead of pita. That's when we learned we love our pita haha. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at this restaurant or the two below, sorry! #worstbloggerever

This place is located right on the beach in town and is a perfect place to people watch! JT and I both got Gyro's. I got chicken and he got pork. They were both yummy. You can't really go wrong with gyro's anywhere in Greece.

We ate here super late on our last night in town and it was definitely one of my favvvorite meals. We both got pasta dishes and were very happy! It's also crazy how common it is to eat so late in Greece. We were finishing up our meal at 11pm and people were just being seated!

What to do:

Beach Clubs

Drone photos by @JTCFilms

JT and I went to Alemagou Beach Club. I had never heard of it before visiting Mykonos, but we asked our waiter at Nice n Easy about the best beach clubs and he recommended Alemagou. It is pretty low key at least while we were was the beginning of the season so there wasn't much of a party going on. The beach is small but BEAUTIFUL and the water is crystal clear! My original plan was to go to Lohan Beach Club, because I thought it was the hot new beach club in Mykonos. I quickly learned that the Greeks aren't very big fans of it and honestly I don't even know if it's open? They haven't posted much on social media and I didn't hear anything back from them when I inquired about a reservation. If anyone knows whats up, let me know, I'm curious! Who's probably just not open yet. Scorpios was another beach club I wanted to go to but they weren't open yet. Of course they opened the day after we left! A few more beach clubs I've heard a lot about are Tropicana Beach Club, Nammos, and Paradise Beach Club we didn't make it to any of these unfortunately. Next time!

Rent an ATV

This is something we definitely planned on doing, but we found out that most rental companies require you to have an international drivers license now. (We dont have one) Apparently this is a new law that just passed last summer which is why we weren't aware. After a little research I learned it's pretty easy to get an international drivers license, so if you're traveling to Greece anytime soon and you're interested in renting a car, scooter or ATV I suggest looking into it. Click here to learn more. Also, I feel like it's necessary to warn you that the streets are very narrow and the drivers in Mykonos can be CRAZY. So please, please be careful!

Shop in Mykonos Town

The shopping in Mykonos is sooo good. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. I ended up buying a beach bag to replace my bag that unfortunately broke on the way to Mykonos along with the cutest macrame cross body and a few of little souvenirs we bought for our moms and sister.

Explore Little Venice + The Windmills

This is such a cool area of Mykonos. Great restaurants, shops, and the famous windmills! You can see Nice N Easy to the right in the photo below!

Bar Hop

Mykonos is known for being party town and although I do love a good party we weren't really in the party mood this trip. I would looove to go back with a group of our friends and really enjoy ourselves and the party scene. We did stay out past midnight one night at Maracuja lol. I had heard about Jackie O's Town Bar which was right next to Maracuja, but it wasn't open for the season yet and I was bummed! It looked like such a cute/fun spot. Another bar that we were told to go to was Argo Bar. We didn't end up going because there was so much to do and see in so little time, but if you go lmk how it is!

and that's all I've got for Mykonos! If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask! Next up is the Santorini Travel Guide, so stay tuned! In the mean time watch the video JT put together...

For the next part of our trip check out my Santorini Travel Guide

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