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Goals for 2021

Better late than never right?! It has been a hectic start to the new year. If you follow me on Instagram you know that my grandmother passed away January 8th, so my mind hasn't been on the blog. It has been a struggle for me to get back into posting twice a week, but I'm easing back into it. My goals for this year mostly revolve around my blog + Instagram, because as you know I lost my job back in May and I have been focusing on blogging + content creation ever since. Last year was a huge turning point for me and I'm hoping this year will bring me even more clarity.

My 2021 Goals:

Find a routine and be consistent. I have always struggled with creating a routine for myself. We travel often and it's always so hard for me to mentally get back into the groove. This year I am prioritizing my routine.

Focus more on micro-blogging on Instagram. This is something I've been stubborn about. I put so much time and effort into my website/blog, so I was always trying to drive my IG followers to my blog to read everything. This year I am going to share more of my blog posts within IG posts/Reels.

Create more video content. Last year my goal was to learn how to edit videos and then Tiktok + Reels blew up, so I decided to focus on these forms of video editing. I fell in love with it! When Instagram first released Reels I made a bunch and then my Reels feature started to glitch and I ended up losing all of the Reels I had made which was beyond frustrating. IG must have worked through the bugs, because now I don't have any issues. Stay tuned for lots of travel + home decor Reels this year!

Build more relationships with bloggers/creators. This is something I have been craving ever since I started my blog. I want to surround myself with more like-minded people in person and on the internet.

Less scrolling + comparing, more creating. It is so easy to get caught up in the IG feed, scrolling and watching peoples stories. This year I want to be more present on my own Instagram feed + story. Showing my face + personality, sharing my every day life, and connecting with my followers on a deeper level.

Change my last name. Yep, I STILL have not changed my last name. This year I will officially become Mrs. Castner!

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