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Life Update: What Now?

Three weeks ago I was laid off from my job.

Yep, 2020 is a realll gem so far isn't she? She threw us all a curveball, but maybe it was a curveball that I needed. A curveball that would actually force me out of my comfort zone to make a change in my life.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster these last few weeks. I go from feeling happy and free to feeling scared and worthless to hopeful and optimistic. It truly feels like a whirlwind of emotions, and if you know me you know I'm not good at expressing these emotions. It's been weird. It's hard for me to even write this blog post, but I knew I needed to get it all out.

With that being said, I can't say I am totally surprised that I lost my job. I was working in the event production industry which took a huge hit during the pandemic. No events = no floor plans/design drawings for me to work on.

In the back of my mind I knew getting laid off was a possibility, but I was still in complete shock when it happened. Maybe I was so shocked because they kept me on and paid me during the whole lockdown just to let me go when we started working in the office again or maybe because I worked there for almost 5 years of my life!! I loved working at Frost (minus the hour to/from commute) but I was starting to feel like I was staying because I was comfortable. Deep down, I needed a change. I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Of all of the emotions I've felt, the one thing I've been trying to focus on is determination. I can't help but think this was meant to happen and maybe this truly was a blessing in disguise because I really needed this push to branch out on my own. This situation has really forced me to take a step back and think about what I truly want in life and can't help but think, what's next?

...So what is next?

To start, I'm pushing myself to try and focus on the bright side. This is my time to start taking my blog and personal brand even more seriously. Fortunately, before getting laid off I started working with brands on sponsored content, so I know there are more opportunities out there to continue creating content. JT and I have always wanted to work for ourselves and since his side business, JTC Films, has started to pick up, I'll also be helping him while working on my own blog/brand. Creating content is something we're truly passionate about and have fun doing, and we know there's demand, so right now our focus is on finding and creating content for more brands.

With a few goals laid out, the future is still scary, especially when you think about losing a paycheck, but I'm confident we're going to figure it out and make it work! I feel incredibly blessed to have JT. I was so nervous to tell him the news the day I walked in the door after getting laid off, but he has been so understanding, supportive and optimistic about kickstarting what's historically just been a side hustle.

It's been tough so far, and like I mentioned at the beginning, there's been ups and downs, but if it weren't for this opportunity maybe I would've never left my comfort zone, and continued to commute an hour each way, every single day, checking into my desk job from 9-5 fifty weeks out of the year.

Only time will tell, but as of right now, I'm focusing all of my efforts on building this blog, and continuing to create content for brands that I truly enjoy, hoping to keep building on our current momentum. Check out my recent blog posts here + here! And make sure you subscribe, because there's a lot more to come! If there's anything you'd like to me to share on the blog please let me know!

If you're going through something similar, I just want you to know that we're in this together and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to chat more about our respective journeys and push each other so we never have to put the golden handcuffs back on working for someone else.

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Jun 19, 2020

I’m in the exact same boat except I have been at my job for nine years. I haven’t liked it in such a long time but I never knew what I wanted to do so I just stayed comfortable. It’s really scary not knowing what’s going to happen and losing your source of income but like you said it’s a good opportunity to learn something new and explore a different path :)

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