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Summer Styles from Bealls

Recently I started working with Bealls Florida creating content for their Instagram. If you're not familiar with the brand they are a Florida department store similar to TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I had only been in Bealls one time when this opportunity came about, but I immediately agreed after checking out their website and seeing a ton of brands I love, including pieces from the Billabong x The Salty Blonde collaboration I had been eyeing since it dropped (the bag you see in these photos). Disclaimer, this blog post is not sponsored, but if you shop anything I have linked below I will make a tiny commission. So, if you're interested in anything feel free to shop. I appreciate those tiny commissions more than you know!

Ps. if you click the photo you it will take you to my LikeToKnow.It where you can shop my whole outfit, otherwise I'll link the individual pieces in text below each photo.

My love to tie dye knows no bounds. This yellow dress is the perfect statement cover up! On sale for $28.

This is the bag I was talking about from the Billabong x The Salty Blonde Collaboration. I am obsessed if you couldn't tell! It's originally $65.95, but Bealls always has some killer deals.

The shoes inside of the bag are so cute + comfortable. On sale for $18!

Can be worn with or without a bra which is major for me. I only wear a bra if I have to. $20!

This mint green + pink tie dye dress is perfect for summer!

Throw it on as a coverup or dress it up for lunch or dinner- $14!

I was so happy to find this Rip Curl dress! I love these colors for summer. $35!

Follow @beallsflorida on Instagram + be on the lookout for the content I created for them. There should be a video Reel going up very soon!

As always, thank you for reading!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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