Podcasts I Love

I am obsessed with podcasts. They have made my 50 minute (one way) commute to work 10x more bearable. I actually look forward to my commute when I'm super into a podcast. I love a good motivational / informative podcast, but more than likely I'm listening to some sort of crime podcast. It may sound a little morbid, but I know a large chunk of you are right there with me. This meme describes it perfectly lol:

Here are some of my favorites:

Informative Podcasts:

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast- My all time favorite podcast to listen to every week. Every single episode is filled with so much value and they are always entertaining.

The Health Code- So much health and fitness motivation and I love Sarah and Kurt's banter. Such a feel good podcast.

The Good Life- Another feel good podcast. Stevie and Sazan's relationship is so inspiring and Stevie's voices/personalities kill me lol.

Funny Podcasts:

Absolutely Not- If you don't follow Heather McMahon you are seriously missing out!!! She is the funniest person and her podcast always has me LOL.

The Morning Toast- Jackie and Claudia are hilarious. I love listening to this when I need to brush up on my pop culture.

Call Her Daddy- Maybe more informative than funny LOL. This one is pretty raunchy FYI.

Crime Podcasts:

Crime Junkie- The BEST crime podcast out there. I love the way they tell and discuss stories. It's very easy to follow and there isn't annoying banter between the hosts.

Root of Evil- This is so twisted, but you just have to keep listening. Such a crazy, unique story.

The WVU Coed Murders- Soooo interesting. Especially if you are a WVU alum like myself or know the Morgantown area. Highly recommend!

And pretty much all of the Wondery crime podcasts:

Dirty John

Dr. Death

Over My Dead Body

To Live and Die in L.A.

Man in the Window

The Shrink Next Door

The Teachers Pet

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