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Jupiter Travel Guide

I first discovered Jupiter when my best friend Rachel moved there in middle school. I would visit her and I absolutely loved it, mostly because it was so close to the beach and the beach has always been my happy place. Flash forward 20 years and after Rachel moved to Jacksonville to Colorado to Virginia she eventually made her way back to Jupiter which has been so much fun having her an hour up the road. Rachel actually dates and lives with JT's best friend (they met at our wedding!), so we have spent a lot of time in Jupiter the last couple of years and now Jupiter has become one of JT and I's favorite places in Florida! So much so that we have been talking about moving up there in the future! There is such a small town feel in the Jupiter/Tequesta area that reminds us of our hometown in Virginia. It's easy to get around and there aren't nearly as many people as there are down here in South Florida. We could really see ourselves settling down and raising a family there. So with all of that being said... Rachel has helped me put together a list of the best spots in town and you know they're good if a local recommends them!

Coffee + Breakfast

The cutest coffee spot in town! Love their food + their unique coffee drinks.

Amazing local coffee shop.

Try their cold brew floats!!

The best breakfast sandwiches + their jalapeño cream cheese is SO good.

Coffee, smoothies + acai bowls.

The donuts are HUGE and so delicious + fresh.

Lunch + Dinner

For all you Italian lovers!! This place is a local favorite.

Another local favorite! The food is so so good. Try the Indoroni!

Delicious sushi + such a vibey spot.

Yummy place for fresh seafood.

Michael Jordan's restaurant!! Dining is pretty pricey, but we love to grab drinks here!

Rooftop + tapas bar. Great place to get a fun cocktail.

A fun local brewery.

Super cute tiki bar with swings and live music.

A fun island inspired tiki bar + restaurant on the water.

Laid back, open air restaurant + bar with live music.

Tacos, margs + a really awesome outdoor space!

Sites + Shopping

Climb to the top of the lighthouse for an epic view + explore the park around it!

Cool trails you can walk, run, or bike!

Cato's Bridge

The best place to snorkel!

Such a cute local surf shop. You'll see everyone around town rocking Blueline shirts + hats.

The cutest clothes + jewelry!


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