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Holiday Gift Guide for the Party Host

glassware + coasters:

1. Pink Gilded Rim White Wine Glasses

2. Lustered Coupe Glasses, Set of 4

3. Edge Red Wine Glass- My favorite wine glasses!

4. Gold Motif Wine Glasses, Set of 4

5. Waterfall Wine Glasses, Set of 4 | Waterfall Carafe | Waterfall Flutes

6. Wood and Marble Coasters, Set of 4

7. Agate Coasters, Set of 4


8. Codenames

9. YATZY (Yahtzee*)

10. Green Chess Board- Anyone watch The Queen's Gambit? I was totally inspired.

11. Backgammon and Checkers Board- I think this will look so cute on our coffee table!


12. Wood Marble Cheese Slicer- I have and love this so much!

13. Wood Marble Serving Board

14. Whitney Cheese Board

15. Whitney Platter

16. Marble Bowls and Tray

17. Stone Salt and Pepper Bowls

Keep an eye out for Black Friday sales!

Anthropologie usually does 30% off.

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