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3 Wineries to Visit on a Day Trip to Napa Valley

Planning a trip to Napa can be overwhelming. There are a ton of wineries to choose from and you might find a few that you want to visit, but it doesn't end up making sense logistically especially if you're planning a day trip. First order of business is to figure out how you're going to get around. Are you going to Uber? Hire a driver? Is someone going to be the DD? We decided to hire a driver. We booked an SUV with a driver and it was amazing. I highly recommend doing this! It was pricey, but worth it. From what I've heard Ubers + Lyfts are unpredictable and sometimes the prices surge. You may have a reservation at a winery 20 minutes away, but Uber is saying you have to wait 20 minutes for your ride so your day could en up being hectic and rushed. We were very happy with our driver situation. He waited in the parking lot at each winery while we toured and we were even allowed to bring a cooler for refreshments in between wineries! Second order of business is to map out what wineries you want to go to (obviously I'm suggesting 3 great ones below so keep reading), and your third order of business is to make reservations! Tasting rooms can book up fast, especially during the fall, so be sure to plan ahead! Ok so here are the 3 wineries I recommend if you're planning on doing a day trip and you're leaving from San Francisco

Chic, contemporary architecture, and the perfect winery to visit on a day trip from San Francisco. It is only around and hour-hour 15 outside of the city.

Domaine Carneros

A popular winery to visit coming from San Francisco. They are known for their sparkling wine, so I highly recommend The Sparkling Sampler! Also, make sure you make reservations in advance!

This winery is gorgeous!! It is an authentically built 13th century Tuscan castle and about 1.5 hours outside of San Francisco.


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