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As of October 3, 2018 we are officially (finally) HOMEOWNERS!! What a process it has been...thought we would never find the right house, but we finally did and I could not be happier.

We first looked at the house we ended up buying back in March. We liked it but it needed a lot of work and we were still in the beginning stages of house hunting, so we kept looking. Fast forward 5 months and we had already put in offers on two houses but both deals ended up falling through which was very frustrating. We weren't finding anything and we were starting to get antsy because our lease was ending soon. We knew we were going to have to change our mindset if we really wanted to find something we loved in our price range. So, we decided we were open to looking at houses that needed a little work. We went back to the house in August with a new mindset and JT really liked it. I wasn't completely on board at first. I didn't like the white tile floors (for cleaning reasons) and the tiny, cheap looking kitchen (I still despise it!) but over the next few weeks my mind started to change. I saw a lot of potential in the house and with the lake view, amazing natural light, 2 car garage and him and her closets (!!!) I knew I could make it work. We decided to put in a low offer, because truthfully it was listed WAY too high for the square footage. The offer was denied and we just said "oh well" and moved on. A couple weeks passed and we still weren't finding anything. The listing agent reached back out to our realtor saying the seller was motivated and would accept our original offer. We decided to go through with it and it ended up appraising right on the nose! Finally, we got some luck.

It's not a fairy tale home buying story because I never felt absolutely in love with the house and I had a few doubts (probably because it needs some work) but we're so happy with our decision now and we cannot wait to make it our own!

I've decided to use the hashtag #brunchbeachhome on Instagram to consolidate all of my home decor posts, so be sure to follow along!

Keep scrolling for a few pictures of the house.


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