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7 Tips for Tortuga Music Festival

If you love country music and the beach then you definitely need to attend Tortuga Music Festival at least once in your lifetime. It's around $265 for a 3-day pass but it's totally worth the money, I promise you! This was my second year attending and it wont be my last. See below for a few tips I put together that could help out ANY festival goer and be sure to check out the video of our 2018 experience! I haven't had THAT much fun in a while.

1. Take the water taxi. It was only $30 for the whole weekend to take the water taxi to and from the festival and it was so worth it. Last year it was really annoying trying to get an Uber/Lyft after the last show. We ended up walking 2 miles trying to get out of the surge area and we still paid about $75 for an Uber back to Hollywood which is usually only $20. The water taxi saved so much time and money this year.

2. Don't try to sneak alcohol into the festival. You will get caught lol. I bought these fake sunscreen bottles on Amazon and they seemed pretty legit but security actually smelled every sunscreen bottle and ended up throwing ours away, BOOO.

3. If you're with a big group make sure you all get your drinks together. It seemed like every time I needed a drink JT and everyone else had just bought one, so I ended up being stuck in the long drink line by myself.

4. Eat before you get there. If you're paying for the whole weekend + drinks throughout the day it adds up really fast.

5. Plan your days before the weekend starts. Check out the lineup and decided which shows you want to see most. Plan on getting there 30 minutes before the first show you want to see because if you're like me you're always behind schedule and you end up missing some of the artists you really wanted to see.

6. Bring a portable phone charger. This is a must. After taking photos and a million Snapchats all day your phone will definitely be running low on battery. The last thing you want is a dead phone when trying to get a ride or meet up with your friends.

7. Wear/bring sunscreen! There arent very many shaded area's around the stages so make sure you protect your skin. Even if it's overcast you can still burn!



I definitely could have done a better job at documenting the whole weekend, but in my defense I was too busy having fun. JT & I's good friends from home (Williamsburg, Virginia) came to town for the festival and we joined our Florida friends for a pretttty wild weekend. Here is a collection of my favorite photos + a video JT put together of the whole weekend. It's pretty awesome so don't forget to watch!


Hope to see you next year!

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