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My Wedding Inspiration

So I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how wedding planning is going and up until a few days ago I didn't have a single thing planned lol. We knew we wanted to get married in the Florida Keys but that was it. In Decemeber I went down to Key Largo to tour Playa Largo + the Key Largo Lighthouse. I fell in love with the brand new Playa Largo hotel on Key Largo this past Friday we finally set the date! May 4, 2019, it's still a ways away but I am soooo excited already! Here are some pictures took when I visited in Decemeber.

Anyways...I wanted to share some of my inspiration for our wedding-- I am going for tropical glam, and despite not having anything planned there are a few must haves that I've had in mind for a long time. All photos seen below were found on Pinterest and if you click on them it will bring you to the page that I found them, so feel free to repin!


Before moving to Florida I didn't imagine my wedding being on a beach, I had thought about it but I was set on getting married at the country club in the neighborhood where I grew up. So many things have changed since moving to Florida, we fell in love with our new home and being surrounded by the ocean and palm trees every day. It just seemed fitting for us to get married on a beach down here in Florida.


I want to keep the decor neutral for the most part with palm leaves, white flowers + gold accents.


I love sequin tablecloths and I think they will look stunning on the beach. Since most of my decor will be neutral I like the idea of sequins to spice it up a bit.


I've always said I want a cupcake tower at my wedding, and I am still set on it! I think they are so cute and I like the idea of my guests grabbing one whenever they feel like having dessert instead of waiting for cake to be passed around or missing it because they were on the dance floor (that usually happens to me at weddings lol). I still want the tower to have a cake topper to save for our anniversary and possibly a small cake so we can still do the whole cake cutting tradition during the reception.

Like I said...I'm in the beginning stages of wedding planning so I know I have a lottt more to think about, but as far as a theme and the direction of the decor this is what I am going for. If anyone has any recommendations or ideas I would love to hear them!! Drop a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram @brunchandthebeach! Thanks for reading!

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