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Hurricane Irma Update

Hollywood, FL

Outside our apartment on 9/8/2017.

Outside our apartment on 9/12/2017.

Outside our apartment on 9/8/2017.

Outside our apartment on 9/12/2017.

Hurricane Irma was one nasty storm, but my apartment building was lucky enough to not see much damage, although other parts of our town were not so lucky. Click here to see a drone video by my fiancé (JTC Films) of the aftermath in Hollywood Beach. Before the storm my fiancé and I decided to stay in Hollywood, FL despite everyone telling us to leave. We stayed in a hotel for two nights with my brother and it actually turned out to be a pretty good time. We did end up losing power in the hotel on Sunday, but it was an interesting experience meeting some of the people staying in our hotel. Fortunately we did not have any damage to our apartment and we were lucky to still have power!

But onto the bad news...

Unfortunately 3 of my favorite places took an extremely hard hit by Irma and it truly breaks my heart seeing all of the devastation that will take months or even years to rebuild. My parents house in Marco Island only has minor damages that we know of so far, so we are very thankful. See below for photos + different ways you can help these beautiful places during this time of need. Anything helps.

Marco Island, FL

The Florida Keys

Photo by: Mike Theiss

Photo by: Matt McClain via WRVO

U.S.V.I + B.V.I

Saba Rock, British Virgin Islands. Taken on my trip in June 2017.

Saba Rock, British Virgin Islands. Photo by: Caribbean Buzz Helicopters



GoFundMe has set up a page that directs to different relief funds you can donate to in the Caribbean.

Donate to Save the Children to provide relief efforts to children and families who have been impacted by Irma.

The SPCA has a disaster fund set up to provide support to shelters and rescue groups.

Register here to volunteer in Florida.


I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me during the last week. I really appreciate all of the love! We are very lucky. My heart goes out to everyone effected by this devastating hurricane. I will continue to send my love and positive vibes and I hope you all consider doing the same.

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