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Before + After Kitchen Renovation

Right after I published My Favorite Home Decor Hacks JT and I decided to bite the bullet and begin our kitchen "renovation." Nothing crazy, we just wanted to replace the [cheap] counter tops, add a pretty backsplash, and switch out the knobs/pulls on the cabinets. We knew we wanted to update the kitchen eventually, so we decided why not now so we can enjoy the kitchen while we are still living here! No, we do not have plans to move any time soon, but we do not plan on staying in this house forever.

First we got 2 estimates before deciding to go with Cabinets Countertops & More who I found through Home Advisor. They were easy to work with and they were able to start ASAP which was super nice. We decided on White Sparkle Quartz for the countertops! For the backsplash, it took me a while to decide which delayed the whole process. At first I ordered a glass subway tile sample in 'Taupe'. I thought it would be perfect since our counter stools are a taupe-ish color too, but when the sample arrived it looked way too dark in the space. Our kitchen is tiny and doesn't get the best light, so the taupe tiles would make the whole space look darker and I like my spaces light and BRIGHT! I also didn't like the 3"x6" tiles. They were a little too traditional looking for me. After a lot of thought I decided to go with 4"x12" white ceramic subway tiles. Originally I didn't want to do white because our cabinets, countertops, and floors are white and I thought it might be too much, but now that it's done I am so happy with our decision! We also had our sink replaced. I hated our split sink before. It made washing dishes super annoying and some pans wouldn't fit in the sink. We went with the "Super Single Zero Sink" through Cabinets Countertops & More and it's made such a difference when cleaning up the kitchen! The deeper basin helps hide the dirty dishes I hate to do lol.

Our kitchen is so much brighter now! My favorite part of the renovation is how we took the tile up the entire wall above the sink. I think it gives a more luxurious feel to our kitchen. I'm also so happy I finally bought the gold pulls I originally wanted when we first moved into our house. Little details like that have a way of making such a big difference. If you're thinking about giving your kitchen a face lift here are a few suggestions:

Do your research and spend extra time choosing your materials. There are so many materials to choose from. Granite and Quartz are the most durable and popular stones. Marble is gorgeous but stains easily and is high maintenance. Choose wisely!

Get multiple estimates.

Order samples and look at them in the morning, afternoon, and night. Lighting can change everything.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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Lindsay Castner
Lindsay Castner
Feb 09, 2020

@lmquenville They are from Cosmic Creative !


Feb 08, 2020

So pretty! Where are your colorful cutting boards on the counter from?

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