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Austin Travel Guide

Austin has become one of the most popular places to live and visit in the last decade with about 500 people moving to the area every day. WOW, that is a lot, but I'm not surprised. Austin is one of the coolest cities I've been to. It has a laid back vibe and it's known for its southern hospitality and live entertainment. I mean what's not to love about that?! I'm no Austin expert, but during my last two visits I've been to some cool places, so I figured I would share!

West 6th

Perfect place for a photo op! and if you're a Whole Foods fan I'm sure you can appreciate the history here!

AMAZING fried chicken + egg dishes. You have to get the fried chicken with sriracha butter. There's an edgy, industrial vibe that makes for a perfect instagram shot.

Super cute + instagrammable brunch spot. Perfect place for a girls brunch!

Vintage arcade heaven! They are also known for their pickle back shots.

The cutest outdoor bar with a stage for live entertainment, TVs all over, and a ring toss set up!

Dirty 6th

Known for their artisan bread, housemade meats and over 30 local draft beers. The patio has ping pong and picnic tables right on the river!

A multi-level hang out with 7 bars and 3 stages! Definitely one of the coolest bars on 6th Street!

There are 3 wheels behind the bar and every day they spin them and whatever they land on is $2 for the day. You can also change the specials by paying $10 for a spin along with another wheel that you can spin and win drinks!

Rainey Street

Food Truck Yard

The first thing I noticed about Rainey Street was all of the food trucks, and if you're like me you love a good food truck. Unfortunately, I was exploring the area on a Sunday morning (killing time before the airport) and there wasn't a lot open yet. I did see a grilled cheese food truck and my mouth was watering just looking at it! Definitely an awesome place to check out.

This place gets wild on Sunday's with live music and man-mosas everywhere! Super cool bbq spot with tons of beer options. FYI you have to order food with alcohol before 12pm on Sundays. It's a religious law.

Lake Travis

The Oasis location has been around for a while, but the original house burned down and the new Oasis was built 5 years ago! The views are stunning and there is totally a European vibe with the umbrellas and multiple levels. Highly recommend making your way out of the city for this gem! Such a cool place.

Thanks for reading!


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