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5 Things You Need In Your Kitchen

I know there are a million other things you actually need in your kitchen, but these 5 things make me super happy so I'm sharing them in hopes of bringing you happiness too!

Fresh Herbs/Flowers- There's just something about having LIFE in the kitchen! Something you may not think you need, but makes a noticeable difference when you add it. I think having fresh herbs in the kitchen makes me more creative when cooking or making cocktails!

Food Storage Containers- For one, they look cute on the counter or in your pantry and two, they protect your pasta/grains from those tiny little bugs, weevals, that invade pantries.

Nespresso Coffee Maker- a coffee GAME CHANGER in my opinion. I can't even drink Keurig coffee now...My favorite Nespresso pods are Odacio + Ice Leggero.

Unique Cutting Boards- We received our cutting boards (see above) from friends as a wedding gift from Cosmic Creativ. I AM IN LOVE. I thought this was such a perfect wedding gift! So cute + unique. Check out their website for similar cutting boards. Another company I love is Grace Bell Art!

Toaster Oven- Something we use almost every day whether its for roasting veggies, toasting bread, or making cookies. It preheats in minutes unlike our big oven that takes about 15 minutes to preheat. This toaster oven makes our life so much easier!

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