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Home Decor Inspiration

Ever since the house hunting process began I have been pinning like crazy. I am SO READY to have a new space to decorate. I cant wait to get rid of a few things in our apartment and start fresh with a whole new theme. I'm going for a clean, boho-chic, mid-century modern vibe. You feel me? This time around I am sticking to neutrals and trying to stay away from the beloved turquoise. I still want to have a few turquoise pieces but I want to keep everything pretty neutral and timeless, so I can switch out fun pieces as trends go in and out. And plants. Lots of plants. Here are a few photos I found on Pinterest that embody the style I'm going for.

What do we think? I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! Drop a comment below, send me and email (, or send me a message on Instagram! Also be sure to check out my House Hunting post for a few tips + and our house hunting experience!

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