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7 Things I've Learned About Skincare

Since graduating from college in 2015 I started paying more attention to my daily skincare routine. I didn't properly take care of my skin while I was in college; I slept in my makeup, didn't drink enough water, ate shitty foods, and was constantly touching my face. I knew I need to step up my game if I wanted to be happy with my skin in the years to come.

Once started working 9-5 I began to notice how oily my face would get from wearing makeup for 10+ hours. My first thought was that I should probably start buying nicer makeup and thats when it all started clicking. It's not all about makeup, I need to start taking care of my SKIN. I reached out to a girlfriend that was a Rodan + Fields rep and showed my interest in their products. I started with the REVERSE Regimen because I had a few dark spots and I wasn't very comfortable going without makeup and I wanted that to change. Once I began using the products I fell in love. I've never been the routine type, but having a 4 step skincare system seriously made me feel like I was doing something right lol. I felt like I had my shit together.

Fast forward a few months...I wanted more! I started reading more and more about sun exposure and aging and I knew that because I love the sun and being on the beach I probably should start protecting my skin and get a jump start on anti-aging since I was already seeing wrinkles...I took a huge leap of faith and decided to become a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. Since then I have learned so much about my skin and how it reacts to different things that I do and use, so here are 5 things I've learned about skincare since graduating college.

1. Just using a makeup removing wipe is not good enough, it’s very important to wash your face thoroughly after removing your makeup, followed by using a toner + moisturizer. In college I was using Neutrogena face wipes in bed and then falling asleep right away which always made me break out really bad the next day.

2. Staying hydrated makes a huge difference. For someone like me who struggles to drink the proper amount of water each day, it is so clear to me that staying hydrated seriously helps your skin/complexion. I also religiously use Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum along with Mario Badescu Facial spray to give my skin a nice glow.

3. Greasy foods = greasy face. I can tell when I eat fast food/bad foods because I get deep, painful pimples and I just feel gross in general. Now I rarely eat fast food and I've noticed a big difference since I started cooking healthy meals at home.

4. Exfoliating at least 2 times a week is necessary. And I’m talking about a good exfoliator. Not the cheap face washes with the little beads in it. I am in love with Rodan + Fields Microdermabrasion Paste. It's like an at home facial that leaves your skin SO SOFT. I use it 3 times a week and it really helps to clean out my pores.

5. Popping your pimples causes your face to breakout more. THIS is the reason I still get pimples. It is SO HARD for me not to pop what feels like a pimple, but you just have to refrain because it will go away on its own. ​

6. 4 step skincare routines are normal. No matter what you should always cleanse, tone, moisturize, + protect. Cleansing is obvious, toning is something a lot of people don't do. Using a toner is crucial because it opens up your pores and allows other skincare products to perform better. Moisturizing is a must, and so is using SPF even if you aren't spending your day in the sun...your skin is bound to see the sunlight at some point.

7. Don't be afraid to spend a little more on skincare products. If its expensive, chances are it works. I was a little hesitant about Rodan + Fields products at first because they were a little pricier than I expected, but after seeing first hand how amazing the products are and how they have helped my skin + my confidence, it is so worth it.

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