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2 Days in Longboat Key, Florida

Another trip with the in-laws in the books!

Before we left for our trip I had been feeling anxious and not myself, so I took this time to relax and stay off of social media as much as possible. I spent the two days reading my book and tanning on the beach and honestly it was exactly what I needed. We stayed in The Peachy Pineapple, an Air Bnb right on the beach. The house was dated but being steps away from the ocean was magical and absolutely made up for the dated interior. As for the area, it was very quiet. Maybe it's just that time of year (hurricane season) and thats why the beaches were empty? We weren't complaining though, we like our beaches empty lol. The best part of the trip was having coffee on the beach every morning. Our trip was short but so so sweet. See below for my recommendations!


Thanks for reading!



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